Bagatrix is a developer of education software. The current developer portfolio contains 36 programs. The most popular software is College Algebra Solved! with 1 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Bagatrix

College Algebra Solved!
College Algebra Solved! solves most difficult college algebra problems.
Algebra 2 Solved!
Completing Algebra 2 homework has never been easier.
Calculus Solved!
Provides you with the tools you'll need to succeed in calculus.

Popular programs by Bagatrix

Precalculus Solved!
Precalculus Solved! provides the help you need to ace precalculus.
Trigonometry Solved!
Trigonometry Solved! solves the toughest trigonometry homework problems.
Geometry Solved!
Solve your problems step by step.
Basic Math Solved!
Basic Math Solved! takes basic math education to the next level.
Algebra Solved!
Being an algebra student just got a whole lot easier.

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